Sapio Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Sapio CLI (or sapio-cli) is rapidly changing, but it is self documenting using cargo run sapio-cli help.

sapio-cli aids users in:

  1. compiling sapio contracts into templates
  2. binding compiled templates to specific utxos from your bitcoin wallet
  3. inspecting contract plugins
  4. running emulator servers

sapio-cli has a config file (location dependent on platform, under org.judica.sapio-cli e.g. /home/<usr>/.config/sapio-cli/config.json). The config file can be overriden with the -c flag. This file allows users to set parameters for compilation around:

  1. to use regtest/mainnet/signet/etc
  2. bitcoind to connect to & auth
  3. CTV emulator servers to use
  4. key-value mapping of nicknames to WASM plugin hashes.