Installing Sapio


Sapio should work on all platforms, but is recommend for use with Linux (Ubuntu preferred). Follow this quickstart guide to get going.

  1. Get rust if you don't have it already.
  2. Add the wasm target by running the below command in your terminal:
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown
  1. Get the wasm-pack tool.
  2. Clone this repo:
git clone && cd sapio
  1. [Optional] To use dependencies from
git checkout v0.1.4 && cp plugin-example .. && cd ..
  1. Build the plugin
cd plugin-example && wasm-pack build && cd ..
  1. Instantiate a contract from the plugin:
cargo run --bin sapio-cli -- contract create 9.99 "{\"participants\": [{\"amount\": 9.99, \"address\": \"bcrt1qs758ursh4q9z627kt3pp5yysm78ddny6txaqgw\"}], \"radix\": 2}" --file="plugin-example/pkg/sapio_wasm_plugin_example_bg.wasm"

You can use cargo run --bin sapio-cli -- help to learn more about what a the CLI can do! and cargo run --bin sapio-cli -- <subcommand> help to learn about subcommands like contract.


You can review the docs either by building them locally or viewing online.