Currently Taproot is scheduled to active on Bitcoin in November 2021 but there is limited support for it across all ecosystem tools.

Sapio scripts can become very large in size, and would greatly benefit from being able to split up and merkelize the logic into smaller satisfiable chunks. This makes it economical to use Sapio.

The compiler is currently relatively naive about this, and unknown (or worse, unchecked) errors might occur as a result of pushing these limits. Hopefully, rust-miniscript should catch such errors, but a malicious author might be able to trigger an unknown unsatisfiable script.

Without full Taproot support, Sapio is probably ill-advisable to use at writing, but this will hopefully change in the immediate future.

Taproot Optimizations

With Taproot comes the opportunity to Huffman Code spending paths to decrease fees even further. Sapio currently uses rust-miniscript Policy language to generate spending conditions, so Sapio should be able to carry metadata from the programmer about the likelihood of various paths being taken, but this currently only is used within a script as opposed to the Tapscript tree itself.